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Tapis Beni Ouarain - Assed

✧ Can you tell that this is a Moroccan Tribe Treasure?

This Gorgeous treasure is immersed in history, elegance and all that is artistic and sweet. Tribe Berber Rugs will definitely appease the decor stylist in you!

Lay this Beni Ouarain Berber Rug in your home and watch it bring about indelible ease and nourishment

To acquire this gem, we’ve travelled through the Anti-Atlas Mountains; first by car, then on foot. Berber craftswomen of the Atlas Mountains create these masterpieces based on age-old traditions that date back to Paleolithic times. 

Berber craftswomen of the Atlas Mountains do not know how to write with a pen - but they excel at writing with hands, needles, wool and thread. It takes 7 to 8 weeks to create this exceptional piece of art.

To collect wool, these resilient artists acquire their wool from nearby souks in the region. Seamlessly soft, extra virgin and specially harvested from a certain breed of sheep. The wool is then washed in a river using natural soap made from plants. And according to a dear Berber tradition - the wool must be laid beneath a starlit sky in order to ward off the evil eye. So you’re getting quality, evil-free Berber Rug!

After spinning the wool, the Berber craftswomen prepare their looms. And the rest - is magic! A passionate, heartwarming and delightful process takes place!

100% Wool.

Medium-High Pile (3cm thick).

Natural Colour.

Handwoven in Morocco.